Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Raw For Under $10 .. Soup and Salad, Filling you up for only $2.15!


Some seriously good eats all for only $2.15 a serving! Kid you not! After our bountiful trip to Kodiak Fresh Produce I knew I had to whip up something amazing with all this fresh and fruity bounty we pillaged bought. While I am not advocating counting calories, I will post the calories so you have an idea what your getting.

Raw Soup and Salad

Mixed Salad mix 
Sliced baby bell pepper
TBS of Hemp Hearts
1/2 sliced Mango
Cold pressed Olive Oil
Total Calories 303
Total Cost $1.33 per serving
Makes 4 Servings (freeze extra portions and defrost by placing in the fridge the night before you want to use)
10 Roma Tomatoes
1 Large Red Bell Pepper
1/3 Sweet Onion
1 TBS Hemp Seeds
1/4 tsp fresh rosemary ( I plucked mine from my plant for free)
1/2 tsp of mixed Italian herbs dried
Salt to taste
Total Calories 127 
Total cost $ .82 per serving 

Grand Total $2.15

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