Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Raw food For Under $10 a day... Shopping Part 1 Kodiak Fresh Produce

  In order to eat Raw on a  budget you need to make every penny count. While I love Whole Foods, there is a reason why it's jokingly referred to as "Whole Paycheck" It is really easy to walk in there with a budget and blow it up like the coyote when he's trying to catch the road runner with a stick of dynamite.

So when you save money when you shop you eat better, because you have more food.

Today, just for my awesome fans I packed up my crew and we headed out to Kodiak Fresh Produce in Phoenix,AZ.  Now wait you say, I don't  live in Phoenix!
Arnold says it best...

This can be done pretty much anywhere. What I did is I googled my local produce wholesalers and I found one that is more than happy to sell fresh yummy organic produce to me and the rest of you! So open up google and search! You should be able to find one in your area! Or even ask your local grocery store where they buy your produce, if you make friends with them, they might just tell you.

On to Kodiak Fresh Produce!

As a raw fooder, we eat tons of fresh produce, so buying in bulk is nothing when we polish off pounds in one sitting. But those pounds can get expensive, buying in bulk solves that problem!

Kodiak Fresh Produce sits right off the 17, so it's pretty easy to find and it's centrally located so it's not too far of a drive for most of us in the Valley of the Sun.
Kodiak Produce is located just off I-17 and 7th St. in Phoenix.
1033 E. Maricopa Freeway
Phoenix, AZ 85034

We visited in the early afternoon, which is the best time of day to visit for a couple reasons.

1. No traffic, come on do you really want to sit through rush hour?
2. They are less busy. With morning deliveries heading out its a bad time to drop in. Come by after noon and you get the awesome help of the staff at Kodiak!

When you head in you make your way to the window where you sign in and your given a price list. While you may be tempted to order all the deliciousness on the list, take a second to ask about any special prices they might have going on.

They had some great deals the day we went in!

A tower of strawberry goodness! Yes those are all strawberries! I died and went to strawberry heaven!

Strawberries ripe and ready to freeze and juice, for $2 for a flat!!! 8 pounds of yummy strawberries for smoothies and what ever your little heart desires! Umm yes please! I bought 24 pounds for $6!

I scored big on all my produce today! Feeling like a pirate raiding a ship for treasure, I almost felt guilty as I walked out with nearly 120 pounds of fruits and veggies for just over $65

I now have enough strawberries for smoothies, tomatoes for soups, dressings, sun dried yumminess, oranges to eat and juice for a month. (yes those are beagles, not all my family is raw)

Yes you can freeze tomatoes or sun dry them too!

If your still worried about your abilities to consume all this food, have no fear! Kodiak has a farmers market each Saturday when you can stop by between 6-12 in the morning and buy all sorts of yummy things. Oh and they will special order too, just email them for a price list! I'm placing an order for some young coconuts today!

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