Sunday, January 5, 2014

Spicy Jicama Chips

When starting out raw, craving for SAD foods are really hard. They can almost be a deal breaker for some. Quite often raw recipes meant to be like the real thing are a poor substitute. 

That's why I love Jicama Chips! Easy to make and thin, crispy, and a little bit greasy. They make a perfect substitute for the fried version!

Spicy Jicama Chips

1 Large Jicama
1/2 cup olive oil
1 tbs Organic taco Seasoning
2 TBS of your favorite hot sauce

Peal your jicama and slice thinly. This is not a job for a knife. I used the 1/16 setting on my mandolin and they turned out amazing. You want big thin pieces because these shrink up a lot. If you slice too thickly they will be chewy.

In a bowel whisk together the remaining ingredients. Put sliced jicama in a bowl and pour your spice and oil mix over hem to coat. Toss gently.

Dehydrate until crispy. I make these  at night and by morning they are ready to eat.

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